On récolte ce qu'on aime! | Bring home the harvest!

farm fresh products, weekly!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a model that allows you to partner with a local farm by pre-ordering a basket of vegetables to be delivered weekly throughout the harvest season.

Essentially, you become a “partner” by purchasing a part of the harvest in advance.


How does it work?

Members buy a share of the produce at the beginning of the year and receive a box of food every week throughout the harvest the season (15 to 20 weeks). Boxes can be picked up at a designated pickup point or at the farmer’s market.

Members can share the natural risks and rewards of farming and gain a better understanding of the real cost of their food, while knowing that they are investing in their local economy, culture, and food security. CSA also lets the growers focus on healthy, bountiful crops during the season as opposed to concentrating on mass production which reduces the quality of food.

Benefits of csa

  • Food security

  • A steady supply of fresh, locally grown and high quality food

  • Knowing and trusting the people who are growing your food

  • Knowing how it was produced

  • A fixed price for products for the whole growing season

  • Community connection: building relationships between customers, farmers, neighbours, and communities

  • Discovering different products and recipes.




Terre Partagée FArm


Farming is a concrete way for Rebeka, Kevin, Pierre-Olivier and Jean-Eudes to invest in our region’s food sovereignty. They envision their farm both as a space to produce great food as well as a community resource for intergenerational learning and sharing. Shifting towards organic production is the best way for them to maximize the benefits the land, the animals and the people around them while offering products that they are proud to eat at the family table.

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Green Thumb Farm


La Ferme Pouce Vert/Green Thumb Farm has undergone significant changes since its founding in the early 1900s. Starting as a family subsistence farm, it was turned into a cattle farm in the 1950s and then switched to Brussels sprouts in 1975, the same year that Roger graduated from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro and took over the operation. After 16 years working in Bathurst for the Department of Agriculture, he decided to devote his full time to vegetable farming in 1990. Today, it is not unusual to find three different generations of the family working at various tasks on the farm as Roger’s son, Denis, age 24, becomes more involved in the farming operation.


Nature’s route farm

Pointe de Bute

Kent grows a wide variety of great tasting vegetables on their beautiful farm overlooking the New Brunswick / Nova Scotia border. His vegetables are grown sustainably, and responsibly. Since 2007, they have sold most of their vegetables as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) weekly vegetable boxes. Their CSAmembers purchase a ‘share’ of the harvest bounty and choose 6 and 10 different vegetables from a market style pick up throughout the season.


Windy Hill Farm

McKees Mills

Alyson Chisholm has been farming in McKees Mills since 2009 when she and a partner bought the land and converted it into a working farm. The farm was certified organic in 2012 and has been producing vegetables for a Community Shared Agriculture program (CSA) since 2011. In 2016 the partner left and Alyson has continued to run the farm on her own. Prior to arriving in New Brunswick, Alyson spent 12 years raising crops and livestock in British Columbia.


Codiac Organics


Mark and Francine Day are new to farming, but not out of touch of what is needed for a healthy life and community.  Fueled by a health issue after Mark suffered a massive heart attack in 2008, he and his wife Fran began the ground work at Codiac Organics in 2015.  Using methods pioneered by Eliot Coleman of Maine and Jean-Martin Fortier of Quebec, they were able to start growing quality certified organic vegetables, eggs and poultry on their 5+ acre urban farm located in the city of Moncton.