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Owner: Didier Laurent


Brief History

Didier Laurent left his native Belgium in 2012 to start a new life in New Brunswick. Fromagerie Au Fond Des Bois is located, as its French name implies, “deep in the woods” near Rexton on 267 acres of land bounded by the St. Nicholas River.


All of Didier’s cheeses are produced in his cheese dairy exclusively from the milk of his own goats with no additives. The 98 dairy goats raised in his goat house include Nubians, Alpines and Saanens, which together produce more than 100 kids a year.


Where Sold

Products are available Saturdays at the Dieppe and Fredericton markets. During the summer, at the Bouctouche market and the Shediac and Saint-John markets on Sundays. Also numerous restaurants in the region and farm stands in southeastern New Brunswick. You can also find their cheeses at the Boulangerie Française in Shédiac. During the summer, Didier also sell products from other local farms and artisan cheese plants located in New Brunswick and Quebec. He also has a selection of imported cheeses from Quebec, France and Italy.

Seasonal Calendar

Products are available year-round. The goats produce nice, creamy milk from late February to the end of november and then rest until February. Kids are born in February and March. Fine cheeses are available all year long, and the owners are pleased to welcome you to their on-site store at any time of year as well, whether for a tour, a tasting or to make a purchase. By appointment only.


  • Farm cheese made from pasteurized goat milk: Acadiac, Barbizon, P’tit Bayou, Choupet’s, Faisselle nature, Faisselle aux fines herbes, Saint Manu, Gavroche, Tomme blanche, Tomme au cumin, Tomme au poivre, Forban, Cancre, Cheddar, fromage en grains (curds), Petit Frais nature, Petit Frais aux canneberges et aux herbes, Petit Frais au sirop d‘érable et noisettes, Cabrie, Tintamarre, Brie canneberges et poivre, Chèvre entouré de lard au four

  • Yogourt from pasteurized goat milk, natural and with fruits

  • Goat meat, end of October-November. Available available on custom order.


    Open Farm Day on September 20 through the Agricultural Alliance of N.B.


(506) 523-9589

1967, route 495 East-Branch, 
Rexton, NB E4W 5R9