M. Tomate



Owners: Patrice & Lise Finnigan


Brief History

Patrice started up a greenhouse on his father’s farm in 1975. In 1979, he and his wife, Lise, opened a stand and purchased a 22,000 sq. ft. greenhouse in Rogersville. In 1984 and 1987, they bought garden centres in Richibucto and Miramichi. In 1991, he, his brother Charles and their sister Anne launched a partnership in Richibucto. In 2011, they made the move to organic products. They are now certified organic.


At M. Tomate in Rogersville, all certified organic produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers), annuals and perennials are grown in large greenhouses. Group tours are welcome to this experience, which also features a café, bakery, ice cream stand, boutique and children’s play area.

Garden Center : Perennials, hanging baskets, trees, shrubs, strawberry and tomato plants, potato seeds, Vesey’s seeds, etc…


Where sold

M.Tomate’s products are also sold at the M. Tomate’s garden centres in Richibucto, Miramichi, Bouctouche as well as at other farm stands throughout southeastern New Brunswick and at the farmers markets in Moncton and Dieppe by other Really Local Harvest members.


Sales start up in early May and end in late November.


Student, scout/guide, nursing home and other groups are welcome to arrange visits in advance.

Our products

  • Cucumbers

  • Garden Centre

  • Green and yellow beans

  • Mixed organic vegetables

  • Peppers

  • Plants - annual and perennial

  • Tomatoes


(506) 775-6042

1021 Principale Street, 
Village de Rogersville, NB