Les serres hachés



Owner: Dianne Haché


Brief History

Year founded: 1993

Dianne Haché grew up in Rosaireville, not far from Rogersville, on her father’s farm. In 1993, she planted raspberries on the land her father had previously used to grow Brussels sprouts and potatoes. She has been harvesting raspberries since 1995.


At the raspberry farm in Rosaireville, Dianne Haché has 2 acres of raspberries of the Killarney, Nova and Boyne varieties.


Where sold

Visitors can come pick their own raspberries in Rosaireville or purchase them pre-picked. 
Raspberries and home made raspberry jam from Les Serres Haché are also available at the Rogersville Co-op and at the Dieppe Market. Also, Christmas wreaths are available at the Dieppe Market during the holiday season.


Dianne Haché looks after the flower arrangements for Monument of Rogersville

Our products

  • Raspberries

  • Raspberry jam




  • End of July: raspberry U-pick opens


(506) 775-2896 

4988 route 440,  
Rosaireville, NB E4Y 2H3