Les Jardins Vert L’avenir



Owner : Karine Lapointe


Brief History:

Originally from the province of Quebec, Karine has been living in Grande-Digue since 2010. Her career choice in the field of agriculture comes from a desire to provide something essential for her community. After having studied Agricultural Management (organic profile), Karine has worked for other farmers for about ten years before finally deciding to make a go at it with her very own farm. She has been running Jardins verts l’avenir since 2013.


The organic micro-farm cultivates on half an acre of land as well as in hot houses in the Saint-Marcel borough in Grand-Digue. They maximize the space by using bio-intensive methods and mostly grow Mesclun greens and garlic. Jardins verts l’avenir is a business based upon principles of efficiency and cost-effectiveness that aims to provide products that are complementary to what other regional farmers are able to offer.


Where sold

You can find their products at the organic corner at the Dieppe Market. Jardins verts l’avenir mainly sell to other farmers who then take on the sales these products along with their own harvests.

Our products

  • Certified organic mixed vegetables

  • Garlic


June to October


(506) 576-1152 

4599 Route 530,

Grande-Digue, NB