La fleur du pommier



Owners: Pavel Bourgeois, Ken Carrier, & Jean-François Michaud


Brief History

La Fleur du Pommier is a partnership among four families. Founded in 1978, the farm has invested significantly in its facilities, including controlled-atmosphere warehouses to maintain the superior quality of its apples all winter long. While constantly innovating to remain on the leading edge, La Fleur du Pommier is also an environmentally friendly farm.


La Fleur du Pommier has 15,000 apple trees and 80 acres of cultivated land in Cocagne, New Brunswick. La Fleur du Pommier understands the importance of fostering the cooperative spirit among the Really Local members, including through the sharing of human and other resources and expertise.


Where sold

Products are sold on-site at the farm as well as at the Dieppe and Moncton markets and at the farm stands of other Really Local members. Its apples are also available at selected grocery stores under the Belliveau Orchard or Compliments (Sobeys) brand names.


Strawberries, raspberries, apples

Our products

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Apple juice&cider

  • Apples

  • Beets & Cucumbers

  • Carrots, Corn, & Tomatoes

  • Honey

  • Leeks & Swiss chard

  • Mixed Vegetables

  • Pears & Plums

  • Pumpkins, squash and gourds

  • Raspberries & Strawberries

Harvest Calendar

Early July: strawberry U-pick, 406 White Settlement Road

Mid-July: raspberry U-pick, 1143 Babineau Road

Mid-September: apple U-pick on R. Goguen Road

August – late October: Apple U-pick at the farm stand on R. Goguen Road

Year-round: The farm stand is open year-round and La Fleur du Pommier products are available at the farmers markets in Dieppe and Moncton.


(506) 576-7946 

79 R.Goguen Road
Cocagne south, NB E4R 5Y7