Owners: Marcel & Bernadette Goguen


Brief History

Marcel Goguen Farm is a family farm operated since the arrival of the first Acadians to the region. It was started up by Joseph Goguen in 1778 around the time of the very founding of the village of Cocagne.

Seven generations later, Marcel and Bernadette Goguen took over operation of the farm in 1987.


Apple farming started on the farm in the 1990s, and a vegetable operation was added in 1998. 
The Marcel Goguen Farm features 6 acres of apple trees and 4 acres of mixed vegetables. Small livestock is also raised on the farm, including hens, ducks, geese, pigs and a horse. The property features a wide collection of local antiques from the 1920s and 30s ranging from farming equipment to household items.

Marcel and Bernadette Goguen place great importance on education and teaching children and the general public about where our food comes from and the history of their farm and the local region. Tours of the farm are also available to local schools.


Where sold

Their products can be purchased at the stand operated on the farm during the apple U-pick season.

Mid-September : U-Pick starts

Our products

  • Apples

  • Dried apples

  • Goria pepper (espelette)

  • Jams&jellies

  • Preserves

  • Pumpkins, squash and gourds

  • Table Grapes

Processed products

  • Apple jellies flavoured with wild and farmed berries

  • Ready-to-bake apple pies

  • Dried apples

  • Dried goria peppers (espelette)





475 Cocagne Sud Road, 
Cocagne, NB E4R 2K2