Really Local Harvest is Now Hiring Summer employees!

Really Local Harvest is a small team with many projects and big goals, therefore each member of the team needs to demonstrate leadership skills. The organizational culture and structure at RLH is very horizontal. Although an official hierarchy does exists, the decisional power and responsibilities are widely shared with all staff. The Summer employees will be empowered to play leadership roles and make important decisions for the projects under their responsibility. Really Local Harvest has a small but dynamic team of passionate and dynamic  individuals. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we understand and value collaboration and teamwork. The summer employee will need to regularly work with most other staff members and will need to coordinate projects and activity teams to achieve her/his goals. Communication will be key and RLH has a very robust structure of communication and collaboration tools. Through online platforms and shared workspaces, the summer employee will develop great teamwork and extensive communication skills.


Project Officer

Marketing & Communications - Really Local Team


Maintenance Clerk

Shediac Market and/or Dieppe Market